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Self-Love Collective

for bold women of color seeking to explore new ways to embrace their bodies, self-heal, and wholly love themselves

learn new ways to love the beautiful masterpiece you already are.

You choose self-love because you are on a journey to love yourself more. Because you want to embrace the pieces and parts that makes you,you. And you seek to heal the areas of your life that keeps you bound.  You choose to be free.

Does this sound like you? 

Then, join our self-love collective.

Ursula Graham and storäe michele are pleased to present workshops and a 3-day retreat for women of color who seek to explore new ways to embrace their bodies, self-heal, and break the patterns keeping them from wholly loving themselves.  This brave healing space will culminate in a full-body painting session and professional photoshoot to showcase the beautiful work of art you are.

Workshop Descriptions

Body Positivity | Marshmallow + Wine Tasting.
Comfort, community, photo therapy, and toasted marshmallow creations w/wine are combined to set the stage for discussing our relationship to our bodies and our best selves.

[the listening heart] an original film. + Healing Discussion
This Afro-Native Futuristic film about self-love and deep listening, brings to life an original story grounded in Mayan and Yoruba cosmologies. This story follows a common paradigm of women who are hurt when going against social norms—but in this film, reclaim their voices through self-healing.

Inspiration. Walks 
Inspiration is not stagnant. It must move to have impact. Using nature as our guide, we will take pictures that reflect our personal and collective beauty in a brilliant effort to challenge the narratives of how we come to see ourselves as beautiful. 

Soundscape on Colorism.
Knowing how to use our voice to communicate our truth and create harmony with others is important to our journey towards loving and accepting ourselves. Using poetic wisdom, we will delve into the topic of colorism, how we have come to understand it, how to celebrate our individual skin tones, and how to create harmony between all its shades.

Community Mural.
Inspired by our reflections of beauty, self-love and worthiness, we will collaborate to create a community mural which speaks to our self discoveries.

Body Painting + Photoshoot.
We are beautiful masterpieces and will show our beauty as art through a full body painting session. We will then be photographed both individually and collectively to reflect our love for and connection to ourselves and our community.

The Gathering Dinner + Dance Party.
This dinner party is the breaking of bread—a shared meal with all who have joined us on this self-love journey. This meal will be a time of reflections, laughter, and joy; ending with us dancing the night away.


Sex Positivity + Womanhood Poetry Slam.
Our sexual selves are often challenged in ways that silence us. Using the language of poetry, we will examine our roots in sexuality + womanhood through story-telling and performance.



Color Me Happy.
Joy is a fruit of the spirit. And, a way we reflect our beauty from the inside out. Using adult coloring and the energy healing of color therapy we will define what it means to be Happy and how best to manifest our Joy.


Self-Care Swag. + Community Cooking
This is our opportunity to nourish ourselves, inside and out, through lovingly preparing a simple nutritious meal and handcrafting a self-love toolkit to continue our rituals beyond the retreat

About Us

Ursula Graham, LPC. NCC. PMP. REACE[p]. and storäe michele, CAT-MPS, M.Div.
Organizers of The Self-Love Collective

Ursula Graham is a counselor, joy cultivator, healer, and creative. Ursula infuses poetry, movement, color therapy, sound, and art into healing practices to promote dreaming big, whole love, and living with JOY. Ursula is committed to helping women walk in their greatness and settle into their truth.

storäe michele is a storäe-teller, spiritual warrior, and artlovermaker. storäe infuses the arts into theological inquiries: exploring rituals and breathing life into sacred spaces through performance, movement and film. storäe is committed to the sharing of these stories with women of color as subject, creating braves space for their whole-selves

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