This Is Me

I am a mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter, life-long creative, and an ultimate counselor. For 15+ years I have had the pleasure of providing guidance and creating space for others to journey towards reclaiming their JOY. I love to sing, dance, have meaningful conversations, and laugh loudly. I love writing poetry and my favorite food is fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. I love to daydream and I have a big heart. My greatest loves are raising my sons, standing in love and marriage for 17+ years with my life partner David, and creating my creative, healing arts based counseling business to help others heal. To my counseling practice I bring experience in mindbody therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, breathwork, meditation, ecotherapy, herbalism, DBT skills, trauma based care, and expressive arts therapy. I can be at times impatient and I am definitely strong-willed. Yet, I am the friend you can call at 3am to be there when you cry and the friend that can be completely turnt on vacation. Everyday I lean further into loving myself a little more, growing a little more, trusting myself a little more, being more gentle with myself, and settling more into my truth. My approach to living, loving, and working is to be open, approachable, and just- be- me. My ultimate goal is to help you just- be- you.

With Joy.  

 Ursula, LPC. NCC. PMP. REAT[p].

Creator | Narrator | JOY Cultivator

Holistic Creative Arts Therapist