Meet The Team

Robyn Carroll, LLPC. MA. 

My passion has always thrived from assisting people through difficult and emotional challenges.  My professional experience encompasses strength-based treatment, cognitive behavioral and solution-focused therapy services via individual, family/group therapy, crisis intervention, and victim advocacy services.

After obtaining my Masters of Arts/Counseling degree from Central Michigan University, I began to nurture my skill and passion in holistic psycho-therapeutic services.  As a psychotherapist my goal is to provide clients with a safe, comfortable and rejuvenating environment in which to cultivate your therapeutic journey.  I am committed to working with individuals, couples, families and young adults who may need therapeutic techniques to enhance their growth and healing process.  I offer a humanistic and holistic approach to person-centered therapy incorporating mindfulness, meditation and art therapy. 

I aspire to provide you with a warm, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere where we will work collaboratively so you can thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.

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LaKita Snead, LLPC. MA.

I am inquisitive about emotional entities and how they form and what people do with their existence.  I take thoughts for an example and consider how they relate one to another and how this thought is connected to that thought and that thought is connected to this feeling and this feeling is connected to that behavior.   It’s almost like a lined pattern.  I have been told that people can hear their thoughts and at times they can feel them.  As an Art therapist I have clients use art media to express their thoughts and feelings.   I have found that clients’ thoughts exist differently in the external than inside their mind internally after transitioning into art form.   When thoughts are released, explored, and processed clients’ experience change in both their feelings and behavior.  Thoughts that were once internal patterns with lines connecting one to another are now seen externally but now having colorful characteristics.


My thoughts are lined pattern with features that light up my personality.  I am disciplined, goal oriented, and established with feelings of acceptance, caring, and self-assurance.  My behavior validates my thoughts and feelings in which I made the career choice to become a counseling Art therapist.  I exuberate quality in tranquility, trustworthiness, honesty, and kindness.  I love color of any shade.  My favorite color is red.  The color red to me is pretty.  In my personal view it signifies plenty of positive progressive emotion.  I see myself as a bright colorful red flower whose petals fall off session by session as our partnership in therapy will eventually come to an end. 

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