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Color Me Happy

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”  

- Mildred Lisette Norman aka Peace Pilgrim

JOY is a fruit of the spirit. And, a way our beauty is reflected from the inside out. But do you know what it really means to you? 

Color Me Happy uses color therapy and journaling to help you define what it means to be HAPPY and how to best manifest your JOY.

At a Color Me Happy event you will receive

  • A coloring card

  • A pack of color pencils and other adornments to make the card personal to you

  • Snacks and Drinks

  • And of-course a GREAT time

Our thoughts are what gives our words meaning, and visualization reaffirms our beliefs.  By intentionally using colors you will create a beautiful picture that is a visual representation of what it means to live with JOY!

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