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Create Your Happy

Welcome to Create U. !  We help professional women and men, such as yourself, create JOY in life, love, and work.


We provide virtual and in person holistic creative arts therapy, creative strategy for entrepreneurs, llpc supervision, and creative healing events. Our approach infuses storytelling, creative expression, and the healing arts into therapy to help you emotionally heal, cultivate meaningful relationships, work with purpose, and Live With JOY.

Whether or not you believe you are artistic, you are creative.  You create with your words, actions, and intentions everyday.  Our services are designed to teach you how to harness the power of your creativity so you can create:

Hope- the sustainable belief your life, love, and work can change for your betterment by you

Authenticity- the state of connecting with yourself, others, and the world in a manner that communicates wisdom, openness, and your truth

Power- the state of being empowered in and having influence over your life, relationships, and career

Peace- the state of moving through the process of acceptance, forgiveness, release; and being balanced and whole 

YOU- the practice of knowing who you are and that you are enough


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About Create U. Founder, Ursula Graham:

Several years ago I made a decision that what I wanted most was to be HAPPY.


To be happy required that I heal, get creative, and shift my mindset to reevaluate my relationships, my purpose, and my perspective in order to create the life, love, and work I wanted. My company, Create U., was built around the principles I used in my own life that helped me define what being happy truly means. 

The journey towards living a happy life is not always easy, but it is WORTH IT.  I am here to help you on your happiness journey, because you too can Live With JOY!!

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