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group therapy for women seeking love, self-love, and how to be whole.

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  • Dream (Jan 26, 2019) 

What is Love? Before our hearts become engage love starts with a dream. A dream of what it could be, want it to be, and what we hope for. This HeARTwork Session honors the dream, as we collage the ideas, observations, and experiences that helped our love take shape. Giving us a better understanding of the where, why, and how our hearts begin and the way we have come to define love for ourselves.

  • Move (Feb 9, 2019)

Knowing who to be, how to be, and how to relate can feel like a constant struggle, as we seek to build real connections. This HeARTwork Session uses dance/movement to illuminate how to create balance between settling into our authentic best self and the movement it takes to build meaningful connections with others and the world around us

  • Transcend (Feb 23, 2019)

The more we put ourselves out there, face our vulnerability, open ourselves to love, and walk in our truth; we will experience heartbreak. This HeARTwork Session uses poetry and performance to bring awareness and give voice to the pain experienced, the lessons we learn, and how to be OK when everything is not.

  • Heal (Mar 9, 2019)

We start our hearts’ journey shiny and new, then battered and bruise, until finally, we break open and heal.  This HeARTwork Session uses clay to demonstrate that healing properly requires we create space to forgive, learn what to accept and release, and how to mold and reshape our hearts with loving-kindness and grace.   

  • Leap (Mar 16, 2019)

Gaining the courage to put ourselves out there after heartbreak to love, establish our passions, and stand in our truth requires that we take a risk because it’s such a vulnerable experience. This HeARTwork Session honors the risks we are willing to take, as we paint our ceramic vessel made last session using colors as our guide.  With our intentional selection of colors, we will use all of how we have grown to teach us how to dare greatly, push past our pre-conceived limits, and find our strength through vulnerability.


Beginning Jan 26, 2019 - March 16, 2019,

HeARTwork is a 5-week therapy group for women using the healing and creative arts to help unwind the stories we tell ourselves that block the flow of love, self-love, and wholeness.

HeARTwork therapy group will meet bi-weekly on Saturdays from

10:30a-12p. Space will be limited to 15-20 women.


75.00 for all 5 classes (20% savings)

20.00 per class

The cost of the class includes all class materials and complimentary coffee and tea

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