" 'Cause Living is an Art "

Finally, I Put My Love On Top

“You teach others how to treat you, so treat yourself exceedingly well” In the trajectory of my life I can honestly say I have fallen prey to the need for my gold star. I would wait for others to compliment me before I would even think to compliment myself. And if that compliment didn’t happen then “poof” all of my hard work would go unnoticed even by me as I just moved on, never giving myself the star that I knew I deserved. This need for the gold star showed up in my dating relationship and beginning of my marriage to my husband, as I spent most of the time focusing on the ways in which to make myself exceptional for his approval. I cooked, I cleaned, I worked, I cared for our sons, I

Are You Settling or Salvaging?

Toxic Relationships. We’ve all heard of them and when we find ourselves in one, be it with a lover, friend, family, colleague, or authority figure, its easy to forget all the learned advice received from or experienced by others. When in a toxic relationship we find ourselves doing the very things we said we would NEVER do such as, making excuses for the behavior of the offending party and accepting bad behavior and offending hurts. We tell ourselves we stay because the relationship wasn't and isn’t all bad, when this person stops being our enemy he/she is an asset, or he/she promises to change and have made some effort. But in reality we stay in toxic relationships because there is the

The Power of 20 Minutes

OMG! Where does the time go? Between work, family, socializing, leisure activities, exercise, and romance there just does not seems to be any time in the day to even breathe. Fundamentally we understand that in order to improve we must set aside time. If your like me, you even start off really good only for it to quickly go from a good idea to an obligation, and who really has time for that. When making goals, I found that I have the tendency to make them so far out of my reach that it is not sustainable for a long period of time, which didn’t make me feel good about myself and my ability to succeed. After the continual roller coaster of starting than stopping, I finally decided to get

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