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The Power of 20 Minutes

OMG! Where does the time go? Between work, family, socializing, leisure activities, exercise, and romance there just does not seems to be any time in the day to even breathe. Fundamentally we understand that in order to improve we must set aside time. If your like me, you even start off really good only for it to quickly go from a good idea to an obligation, and who really has time for that. When making goals, I found that I have the tendency to make them so far out of my reach that it is not sustainable for a long period of time, which didn’t make me feel good about myself and my ability to succeed. After the continual roller coaster of starting than stopping, I finally decided to get off the ride. I found that these continual starts and stops occurred because instead of trying to work WITH my life by INCORPORATING change, I went straight to all out life change, which ends up with me crashing and burning. As a result, I took a good look at my life and I realized, that while I don’t have a lot of time, I do have 20 minutes.

  • 20 minutes is short enough to not be overwhelming, but long enough to make significant change;

  • Through taking 20 minutes, I am able to incorporate a goal or something new into the current flow of my life;

  • In 20 minutes, I can break down larger projects into smaller pieces to better ensure its completion;

  • With 20 minutes, I can stomach completing the hated but necessary tasks to create success; and

  • By giving myself 20 minutes, I actively show myself that my goals, dreams, desires, and passions have value in my own life.

The power of 20 minutes is simply the power of showing ourselves our self-investment and how much we really value our own self-worth.

Muhammed Ali said “A person that is 50 that still thinks the same as when he/she was 20, is a person that has wasted 30 years of his/her life.” My question to you is how do you ever expect to change if you don’t invest time? Life is complicated by all the things that we must do, but even with everything that’s happening, you can still make time for “20 minutes”.

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